Oakley Frogskins Polarized Sunglasses (Womens) Frogskins Woodgrain W/ Tungsten Iridium Polar Lens - Women Oakley Sunglasses S39a3753

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    In pop culture, it was a time like no other. Ronald Reagan was in the White House, “The Terminator” was in the box office and Run-D.M.C. was certified gold. It was also the time when Oakley created a one-of-a-kind pair of polarized sunglasses called Frogskins. Oakley has resurrected the original tooling from the early ’80s to produce new limited editions, giving you a chance to own a piece of history.
    Pro Tip: Are polarized sunglasses better? Are they worth the price?
    In many cases, yes. All sunglasses reduce brightness and block some amount of harmful UV rays. However, only polarized sunglasses are scientifically constructed to eliminate glare. Not just reduce it, but eliminate it. Polarized sunglasses are ideal for driving, where you get glare from your dash, your windshield and other vehicles. They perform much better than standard sunglasses – reducing eye strain and helping you see better – around water, snow, sand or any other reflective surroundings.
  • Model : Womens Accessories 1984
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